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Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska - John Green

John Green definitely hit it out of the park with this one, especially for a first book. I love looking for Alaska. It grabs you from the very first moment you start it, and doesn't let you go, even after it ends. This was my first John Green novel, and I was not disappointed. Originally, I was steering clear of his books. I had heard about The Fault in Our Stars, and found the idea of it kind of gimmicky. (Though now I've read it, I love that one too. Don't doubt it like me, just read it. There's a pretty good chance that you will like it.) However, I was introduced to him through his YouTube channel, the vlogbrothers, and enjoyed his personality so much that I decided I just had to read this book.
This book comes in two parts, and I've decided to review each part independently of the other.The two parts are so completely different that I feel it hard to lump them into one description.
The first part of the book was my favorite. It was absolutely hilarious, and I loved the antics of Alaska, Pudge, The Fox, and The Colonial. I can't say they make great role models, but I wasn't reading this book to find people to model my life after. I thought they were the funniest group of people, and I loved reading about their pranks and various escapades. I laughed pretty much the entire way through, absolutely loving the book. I couldn't put it down, not because it was suspenseful or anything, but because I was so entertained that I didn't want to. It was enjoyable all the way to the last page.
This part of the book was not absolutely hilarious. I'm not going to spoil (or, at least, I hope I won't), but I am going to say that it is really sad. I was on the brink of tears pretty much the whole time. It was moving, heartwarming, and meaningful, and a great, but sad way to end the story. I never saw it coming, and was completely blindsided, just like Pudge. Despite the fact that most of it was somber, it still had its entertaining moments. This second part really pulled at your heartstrings, and while I usual don't go for that kind of stuff, I still loved it.
This book was fantastic. You should read it ASAP. Literally, as soon as possible. Trust me. 
Four Point Five out of Five Stars