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Incarnate (Newsoul #1)

Incarnate - Jodi Meadows

Sometimes, you're sure you won't like a book from the very first page. The writing style is all wrong, and the plot isn't anything like you thought it would be. You're tempted just to put the book down and be done with it, but you soldier on anyways just so you can finish the book and be done with it. You aren't expecting to have your expectations usurped, and it's very unusual for a book to do so, but there are always exceptions.
The beginning of this book was a bit rocky. The writing style seemed strange to me, though I couldn't exactly pinpoint why. However, as the book progressed, either the writing got better or I got used to it, because I completely forgot it had been an issue in the first place. It's also quite possible that I got so wrapped up in the plot that I didn't notice the writing, as that happens enough to be likely. Either way, once you got past the first couple of chapters, the writing ceases to be a problem. 
While the romance was cute, it did something I'm growing increasingly sick of. It's not solely this book's fault, but I feel like every book's romance nowadays has some sort of culmination right before things start getting crazy. They finally kiss, and then someone gets arrested. They sleep together, and then the boy turns into a wolf for the final time, never to be human again. (I'm looking at you, Shiver.) It's alright every once and a while, but I feel like it's become a cut and dry staple of the Young Adult genre, and I never liked it all that much to begin with. This book had such a creative plot, that I sort of suspected a better progression of the romance, but maybe I was just expecting too much. 
This book blew my initial expectations out of the water. It was in no way faultless, but I still found myself more and more impressed as the book went on (except for maybe at the very end, when things just started going crazy). The characters were likable, and the book was easy to read, keeping me interested from the very beginning. I was delighted to be proved wrong, and ended up being glad that I don't like putting down a book once I've started it.

Four out of Five Stars